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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
That's it in a nutshell.

The way I see it is they're like the drug classes that were decriminalised. They're still illegal to own, and the penalties for such may change, but at the moment policy is not carry out prosecutions for mere possession... but where more serious offenses to do with possession are involved, there will be (supply etc). That may change.

To me, the HO are saying as per the GTA/AMTA that they're illegal still. The HO have and the CPS & BASC are saying that you won't be prosecuted for having one. The HO haven't said you will, just that in the strict definition of the law, they're still illegal.

When advising it's members, like any organisation would do if approached, the GTA have said they are not legal. That's compeletely understandable in my book. I doubt any organisation would take them on as legal once an enquiry was made.

In the same way BASC are saying to their members, they're illegal by the strict definition of the law, but there's an HOC that says you won't be prosecuted for having one.Probably the small numbers that have existed for ages have sat so low on the radar they haven't caused any bother. But now we have the internet and we can see all manner of things, and get them delivered, people are now asking their UK supplier chain these questions, and it's probably taken some time for the various communications to find their way in and out of people that are qualified to give their opinion. I would say that the CPS is probably something that doesn't change it's website overnight, and law is a very unclear area, which is why people get paid very large sums to be successful in it. So i really doubt that unless the HO want to get stuck into firearms legislation, we'll see much change.

As much as we could say it's no big deal to solve etc, there will be people opposed to any change in firearms law either way, that will make it at least a headache for anyone that goes near it, and a change in law is something that takes a lot of time and money to get right. I dare say I can't see it happening.

The HOC 68/097 states: -

"We have consulted ACPO and the Crown Prosecution Service about the legal status of these weapons and have agreed, in the absence of a court ruling, that the issue should resolved formally at the next legislative opportunity. In the meantime chief officers are advised that self-loading or pump action rifled airguns should CONTINUE to be regarded as falling outside the certification process provided they are low powered and do not fall within the Firearms (Dangerous Air Weapons) Rules 1969"

Rob, how can they be illegal if they fall outside of the certification process?

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