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Originally Posted by James0807 View Post
Good evening.

I think you are asking a bit much, one scope to do two disciplines. If you ask any of the top shooters of both disciplines they will recommend magnification ranges suitable for the specific discipline. Just my tuppence.

Fully agree but thats probably why Simona recommended the two scopes above, as they are about the best two compromise scopes that just cover both HFT/FT, but probably both are better at FT , and only for HFT now and again.
I now have a Burris 8x32x40 and I would use it if I could only afford one set up, as I understand not everyone can afford, or justify two set ups especially if they are just starting out. Both the Burris and Bushnell are very long though.

A Bushnell 6x26x40 might also be a compromise or Bushnell 6500 4.5x30x50

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