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Originally Posted by markmac View Post
I am looking for a new general purpose scope of decent quality but don't want to spend more than 400.

I shoot the occasional HFT/FT competition at club level and my hunting forays are over open farmland so would like a scope that has good rangefinding capability , a mil-dot type reticle for holdover/under (I do not dial ),& the best optical and build quality in my price range.

I have recently used a Leupold MK4 3.5-10 x 40 but found the lack of magnification didn't provide my tired eyes the necessary capability in rangefinding.

So I have been thinking that a scope of something up to 20 mag would be in the right ballpark for my purposes.

Would appreciate any advice.


MTC connect 4-12 x32 on 10x.. awesome..has certainly helped my tired old eyes this year in HFT about 150 second hand
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