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Default Barrel not blued

Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
With plenty of time at home after ankle op I decided finally to impliment the mods vince suggeted would improve the gun (hopefully).
With the stripper, nickle tubes?, off and figure 8 removed the barrel was exposed. Cleaning some grease off it I found pin head rust over 20%, the blueing was a bit sub standard to shoot free floating without shroud;had a distint brown tinge.
Under the front stripper locating grub screw hole, below the barrel there are two holes like the locators that screws fix the breech end of barrel with.
Question is: for those who have removed the bits and pieces. Does the blueing on yours compare to that on the 400,510's or is a bit tatty;and do they have the locating holes on both ends of barrel.
I have lots of time to sort this out while ankle mends itself,but would like your input,Vinces too if he's on forum.
HERX77 .
This is only my opinion but I believe the reason why we see shrouded guns is that blueing a barrel has to be done carefully ensuring that the inside of the barrel doesn't get blued as this has a negative effect on accuracy. So the easiest answer for manufacturers is not bluing the barrel and fitting a shroud, hence your barrel will be rusted.

When barrels are hot blued the barrel ends are plugged to stop fluid ingress, the transfer port is left open as the hot process may distort the barrel.

Any other views?
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