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Originally Posted by evenbad View Post
Looks as if the thread has been closed by admin, wonder which one pulled it off!! so much for a open forum.

MMM...I asked an innocent question, honestly... which some qualified as perhaps...BS

Methinks, "THEY" (whose name MUST not be mentioned - a la Harry Potter) must be inspired by: Iran, North-Korea, or Putin...which explains, the bunion, or boil on the scrotum annoyance which necessitated the drastic self censorship, or self indulged hari kiri action...

on a serious note...I wish I could post an appropriate JPEG, but no point at this stage.

NB: The phone call was not made- instead, as suggested, a succinct Q&A, sent to the publisher group of said employed - Fisherman & Airgun expert, so that Its transparent as possible, without a hint of prejudice. Honestly, a very well written list of Q's.