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From the BBS: - (post#55)

People have a right to question things, Gollum, and provided it's done with a reasonable degree of manners, I'll return the favour. I'll always challenge misguided, or flat-out untrue statements, on here and anywhere else, and I'm always accessible to those who genuinely want to know the truth, rather than simply gob-off and spout lies to serve their sad agendas.
I think that it is always refreshing when a person always shows willing to seek the facts!

Again from the BBS: - #39

[QUOTE][The most authoritative 'resource' we have is the home office and it has stated that SA is prohibited. Should we ignore that resource, and would you consider your FEO better informed than the Home Office?/QUOTE]

In the interests of seeking the facts, I wonder if TD will come on here and present his evidence for his assertion that the HO has stated that SA is prohibited?