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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I kind of think that if honesty is in doubt then neither point of view is going to get anywhere. Difference of opinion aside I don't see any reason to dismiss either persons or organisation's stance. The GTA have given their advice in reaction to enquiries by their members and the BASC have given advice in reaction to enquiries by their members. There doesn't seem any actual documented evidence to challenge the integrity of either body or persons involved.

The only way I can see any progress to the conflicting opinion is if the home office is pressed to offer a clear and definite stance on the ownership and purchase of the items. However I have no clue if that would be a good or bad thing for the owners.
The problem is that the HO are being pressed, by the GTA, to offer a clear and definite stance that suits the GTA. Surely that much is evident?

A certain well placed spokesperson wil always back those that bring prosperity to his commercial interests. He certainly does not speak for the average airgunner...