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Originally Posted by Artfull-Bodger View Post
I think your barking up the wrong tree if you think the shift is related to seals or internal friction, if so you would need a big velocity change, launch the same pellet at the same speed and your not going to see a vertical shift of this magnitude, how could it?

If your front retaining bracket is loose you should be able to feel movement in the action if you wiggle it, an nth of a mm again will not allow the barrel to aim in a different position.

If your getting a poi shift like this then the barrel has to be aiming in a different position to what you expect when the pellet leaves the muzzle, that's the only explanation, and if your sure all your mechanical components are snugly fitted and tight then the only thing left is the guy behind the trigger allowing a change in the muzzle position on firing!
you need to study efficiency and see how little changes make huge differences....then you would change how you feel.

How can i run 2 set ups in the same gun, same out put power, one 83mm stroke 25mm piston and the other 83mm 22mm piston and it totally change which pellets shoot accurately?
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