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I've sat back and read the thread with huge interest. I don't want a SA airgun as personally the shooting I do there is no need for one. But I understand they have their place in the sport.

unless I have it wrong (tell me if I do) the GTA/AMTA have left themselves in a position where they cannot win.

They can drop it, let us all buy from Europe and take the loss of revenue on the chin, admit they were wrong while screaming "we were trying to ban them for your own good....."


They can push for SA rifles to be banned, in which case one of the AMTA members would surely have to be investigated for manufacturing section 5 weapons without a license, effectively stabbing one of their members firmly in the back for the greater good of protecting revenue for all the other members. (same goes for GTA members selling the LP50 in the UK)

Have I understood it correctly? Theres 40 odd pages and I've probably missed some of it at some point.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out
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