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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
That's the issue Mark. No peer change. Poi change. And I'm fairly convinced that it's a mechanical shift not a speed shift as my numbers all drop in on the new trajectory perfectly but they may just be a few Moa out. That to me says the pellets are still running at the same speed but the barrel and scope are no longer looking at the same point as to when they were zerod.

I'm not 100% convinced about hold sensitivity either because that would suggest a constant group shape with vertical spread but as you've found it can go a long time before the poi shifts. Or it can go a short time. I've seen hold sensitivity with the tx, and I believe this is different. This isn't scattering, it's s move then it will group just as tight there as it would in the old place.

Simon ayers had my gun for weeks. It never moved. I had it for a month. It then moved. Others report the same thing. The one common thing is vmach/venom internals. And as my compression tube has been blacked i wonder if that part is exchanged when it's tuned. I may phone Steve pope. The last thing I want to do is trash his works reputation.
I think the fact a lot of these have V-Mach/Venom internals is just the fact theyre the most popular tuning kits/parts.

When my POI changes my aim points were exactly the same, just like you say.

it has to be stock/front stock bracket related. TX is solid, HW moves.
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