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There apparently was no problem with S.A. from either the GTA or AMTA. Their members either sold or made them.

The problem arose when it was found that not only could people buy them from the E.U. but could also buy other airguns at quite a reduced price. It was this that created the problem for the GTA and rather than restructure their prices decided to take another tack, totally missing the point the we could still purchase these other airguns from the E.U.

The "Gun trade" is rapidly demonstrating that their last concern is their customer.

The legislation does prohibit "any self-loading or pump action rifled gun" (forget the .22 rimi) and that is not disputed.
The HOC 68 issued by the body that TD wants us all to agree with tells us it was never the intention of Parliament to include sub 12FPE S.A. rifles in this legislation and they should be regarded as outside the legislation. That is also quite clear. What is also quite clear in the legislation is that sub 12FPE rifles and sub 6FPE pistols are outside the licencing regime which gives another good clue.

We have the GTA Spokesman saying that the Home Office have issued new guidelines so where are they ? These guidelines must also have the backing of both the CPS and ACPO.

Following these new guidelines I would expect prosecutions of people who were selling such guns and also of people who have made them. After all the manufacture and sale of Section 5 weapons is quite a serious offence and could not in any way be condoned, unless of course it was sanctioned by the Home office, the CPS and ACPO.

Trust the "Gun trade"


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