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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post
Good idea. I have nothing to loose actually. I'll be the chap - subcontracted out. If he refuses to talk to me tape recorded on the phone, I'll introduce myself face to face next year, as we queue for the plane headed for IWA 2016. You obviously appreciate those screen grabs as revealing. Its plain to see who's who & what some cronies are upto. Sitting on the fence, is like Chamberlains' Appeasement. And remember Dunkirk ? Shockingly...dis-organised

PS: Do you know the guy personally BTW ?

Sorry guys, but he didn't get to where he is by being naive. No way is he going to allow you to record a conversation, and to do so without consent is illegal.

He has offered to enter into pm's on the other side, but I declned as I would have no way of verifying his honesty.