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To be fair it's no good us having a go at BASC.

They are the only organisation that has so far done anything for us on this matter. At least they are talking to Government about this problem and hopefully in due course we will get the result we want. I feel that it will be slow and be a bit akin to pulling teeth if the Home Office are involved.

It's interesting to see that Mr Doe posted the following:

"The most authoritative 'resource' we have is the home office and it has stated that SA is prohibited. Should we ignore that resource, and would you consider your FEO better informed than the Home Office?"

Now this statement has not been backed up by a linked to or published said statement by the H.O.
Also interesting is the fact that the HOC 68 issued by the H.O. was totally ignored but now the GTA wish to believe an unsubstantiated statement that is contrary to HOC 68.

Surely if the H.O. have retracted HOC 68 and replaced it by another HOC that is relevant we should be able to see this new HOC.

or does it not exist ?