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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
When did it all start off Ray? The circular from the GTA that was passed from me was I thought around May this year. But that thread on the BBS was running for around a year before that. I must admit i thought it was all kicking off around then, but it looks to me that the debate had been running for some time.

I really do wonder if this is all just the trade advising their members, and those in between them and the HO working on a misinterpretation. Granted it really doesn't help when the HO say one thing, then say another a few weeks later, but i really do wonder if the team there are even the same people that were around when that HOC went out. I remember getting the HO approval for the live fire range I was chair of and there seemed to have been some significant upheavals.

To be honest I think there's a myriad of possibilities. I guess now the advice would be not to buy one now the HO have said they aren't legal, and perhaps hope that the 'decriminalisation' of them doesn't cause any issues with ownership.

We can still get a bargain from the EU though. I know someone that's just got a rifle just over 1/2 the price it is for sale here. I don't think ruling out SA is going to do anything to stop that.

EDIT: I now understand what you are saying!

However, if there is a policy change by the HO then it will be a major one that should be challenged by all the shooting organisations.

Surely, a policy/understanding that has been operative for 17 years cannot be suddenly reversed without good reason? The HOC 68/97 could not be clearer, and together with advice from the CPS, ACPO (as was) and the FCC 12th report, these guns are certainly NOT prohibited.


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