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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
.... I guess now the advice would be not to buy one now the HO have said they aren't legal, and perhaps hope that the 'decriminalisation' of them doesn't cause any issues with ownership....
Thats news to me - Home Office update ? what & where is the source , or email ? if so, what has been the NSRA, BASC, or GTA response ?

This kind of thing usually merits in any industry, a multiple number of Bodies (Gov & Non Gov) to acknowledge seeing, reading & confirming theyve got the message, and legal status update.

Havent seen any of that....especially an URGENT PRESS RELEASE from BASC....informing its members who some, are owners of both S/A Steyr pistol & rifle....

Besides, someone received a semi rifle last week from Europe. And Google around, the LP50 still being sold openly in UK shops (cause, you know, Its a "rifled barrel" version of the rifle).

Your second part in BOLD RED is, as far as I understand it- you're saying back to front - ie: anyone owning a S/A Pistol or rifle with "rifled barrel" is a criminal...and good luck to getting "decriminalised" due to ownership.


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