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Well a little update...

The stock arrived last week... it went on that night. The in-letting was very good and the action went in, all the bolts lining up like it was a factory fit, so that's of little concern now. 4 weeks order to door, 300. Bargain.

Fit wise to me it felt very close to being like home. I've put some rubber sheet around the grip to bulk that out to my preference, but the trigger to grip distance is very good, and i'm no longer reaching forward for the thing. In fact the adjustable Rowan blade may have to go forward, so I'm going to drill the guard this week to make that easier without dropping the guard from the action.

My position meant my head was off the back of the cheek-piece, so I've lifted that and shimmed it out of the recess and drilled another hole for the mount underneath, which allowed me an couple of inches backward movement in the cheek-piece. That works better... i'll just get around to dremeling out the recess properly so it looks neater later. I also put another hole in the butt so i can have my hook up high. The only gripe i had with the stock is the 3/16" Allen key needed for the cheek-piece adjuster, it would have been nice if it was metric.

Recoil has changed with the new stock, all for the better. (i suspect having bolts in the front is a big part of that) The whole gun feels as one now. I took it for a quick spin around the Buccs practice course and missed 2 15's... one because i didn't know what the wind was doing, and another because i didn't know what my 10.5yd clicks were. I even followed 1-2 shots into the kill. So happy with that.

Club league this weekend, will see what it's like for kneelers and standers... and how my new jacket is as well...

So largely, it's down to me. Gulp.
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