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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
What he said.
I hope Rob leaves it up as there are many points of value in the post.
I do find it strange that BASC is so tight lipped about what is going on, I for one would like some feedback on what they are doing ,who are they speaking to , what's the next plan of action , something public along those lines .
There's no issue with leaving the thread up. I just don't want the possible ramifications of someone saying someone said something and that going an unexpected direction.

It seems there's quite some curiosity as to who has said what and when to who. So how about this for an idea, why not contact the persons/organisations involved, and see if you can formulate a response to the questions at hand. Perhaps a phone call which could then be formulated into a statement later perhaps? Actually phone up BASC and ask what they're up to, phone Terry and ask what he's said to the HO, and the AMTA & GTA... see if you can get a statement. That way there's progress rather than stifled supposition about what's happening.
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