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Originally Posted by rich View Post
There may be a simple answer, Jason. I was told that up until recently the NSRA shop used to source their Steyr kit independently and not through HP. Then (again I'm told) there was a change of heart and NSRA closed off the private - and probably lower cost - channel.
I have it on very good authority that the NSRA shop has pulled the LP50 following a customer returning one after reading a thread on the net (might even have been this one) citing concerns over the gun's legality.

I also have it on good authority that the NSRA shop is supplied by Steyr UK. Last week I emailed Mr. LeCheminant to try and encourage the NSRA to get in touch with BASC; although I've had no reply as yet.

As in my earlier screen-grabbed post from AGF - while this raises the ante considerably for those with semi-auto pistols it also potentially strengthens the position of those with rifles since the pistols have been available for years with no problems associated with their rate of fire, so a precedent has been set IMO.

In addition the threat to pistols potentially brings a lot more support for an otherwise fairly niche cause.

Originally Posted by bootneckbob View Post
Bisley will be a hoot this year as I'm shooting 10m air pistol with my LP50, and I know of another chap who intends to shoot his H5A. I dare say I'm not alone.
Good work - what discipline is he planning on using the H5A for? I know that one was used recently to compete in the Standard match (4x5 shots in 150s, 4x5 shots in 20s and 4x5 shots in 10s) of the local county LSR / Gallery Rifle Championship... and can confirm that said rifle secured first place with a score of 558

From this thread it seems that the dark forces in the trade appear to be relying on those old tactics of scaremongering and intimidation to try and enforce their wholly illegitimate will.. now it seems that perhaps the shooting public haven't been the good little subservient and unquestioning wretches they had hoped.

To me it seems that a number of unsubstantiated rumours have been put about to worry those who might be in possession of semi-auto rifles and discourage anyone who might otherwise have been thinking of purchasing one:

- The claim that information being sought through the trade on those who have imported these rifles privately seems unlikely due to data protection, plus I've spoken to one of the individuals allegedly involved and he seems to hate "them" as much as the rest of us.

- Claims of guns being stopped at customs seem to be nothing more than here-say; maybe even outright lies. Does anyone know of anyone who has actually had a gun confiscated by customs?

- The initial claim by the GTA that the things are prohibited in the first place appears to be losing the bite it had when it first appeared; despite having a legitimate grounding in law.

While I don't want to encourage complacency, it looks like the tidal wave of scaremongering from certain backstabbing sellouts in the trade has failed to deter many of us; and instead of typically rolling over and letting them put the boot in, we're fighting back.. which I don't think was expected.

Of course there's still the very legitimate legal issue to be clarified and the fact that the aggressors still hold positions of power and influence in the industry.. so we've not won yet by a country mile. We need to continue fighting and keep this issue in the consciousness of the general shooting public as well as that of the organisations that represent us.

It seems that the reputation of many of those involved in the trade has been tarnished by this episode (a certain magazine editor has taken a fair kicking on a certain forum and I know many are now boycotting his magazines).

We need to realise that "they" will never stop until we force them to; a small victory now won't be enough to prevent them re-grouping in future to have another, better-organised go at these guns, or something else they might perceive as a threat to their wallets.

We need to keep this momentum going, never forget what they've tried to do to us and ultimately remember that until these scumbags are ejected from their positions of control within the trade, they will always present a threat to our rights as shooters and consumers.

EDIT - having now read Rob's post above (which wasn't there when I stareted writing) I hope this post doesn't cause any headaches!

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