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Originally Posted by Robf View Post

with rich's steyr, it demanded a clean (when we first got it) every 50-100 shots or there would be a 1" poi shift at 25 yds... but after using the intensives and the bore cleaner that comes with vfg and the lupus grease, it settled down and the cleaning periods started to expand until something resembling the norm.
My Steyr seems to have gone the other way, when I first had it it could quite happily run 1000-1500 between even moderate cleans however now it seems its a matter of 400-500 shots and it needs a clean of some sort. Im guessing the pellets im using, the same ones as i was 4yrs ago, are no longer quite as clean as they where then. I plan this year to experiment with washing and lubing to see if it will help hold accuracy for longer betwen cleans
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