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i've tried the VFG pull throughs and the VFG cleaning felts that you shoot through, and the VFG rodding kit.

the VFG pull throughs i've had have snapped... perhaps i had the felts on too tight who knows... to they got binned.

i've collected shot felts, and they seem to do next to sweet fa.

the VFG rod however seems to work well. I use a bit of p90 bore solvent on the barrel and I can actually see bits of lead come out... i give it a couple of goes with wet felts and then dry ones until the barrel and felts are squeaky (quite literaly) clean.

for me, that seems to work, and the barrel looks clean. It normally takes about 5 shots to come back on and then it's fine.

however, since sizing, i've had to do a lot less cleaning... dunno why.

I just use the bog standard felts, the intensive ones and all the grease and what not stay on the shelf gathering dust, but I will use the bore grease if i'm laying a gun up for a while.

with rich's steyr, it demanded a clean (when we first got it) every 50-100 shots or there would be a 1" poi shift at 25 yds... but after using the intensives and the bore cleaner that comes with vfg and the lupus grease, it settled down and the cleaning periods started to expand until something resembling the norm.
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