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Originally Posted by chrisbaker42 View Post
It's certainly not success I am craving as I stopped entering any kind of competition about thirty years ago. I simply want to do anything I try to the best of my ability and as you say to own things that by their very being give me pleasure.
I think one of the main problems you'll find Chris will be that there are so many differing attitudes to the different Target marques. I'm a Steyr man but have owned most target rifles apart from the FTP. There have been some issues with the Steyr barrels but it seems to been a blip in a small number of the longer barrelled 2014 models taken in context to the sheer number of Steyr's out there. My current HFT steyr is 10 years old and my FT one is 11 years old. Both have recently had new barrrels but that's purely down to the amount of pellets shot through them and (more likely) a too aggressive barrel cleaning regime.

I personally put the Steyr and Walther Dommie on an equal footing as the best of the target rifles. The Steyr beats the Dommie for me as there's nothing i can't do on a Steyr and i find the fit a bit better. The Dommie (IMHO) has a better trigger but i find the Steyr has a smoother shot cycle. however i have shot other Dommie's (apart from my own) and found that they have been truly superb for feel so it can even be down to the individual rifle.

Best advice...join a club and try as many different types as you can. Once you have decided on the rifle you want then try to shoot as many pellets through it as possible before handing over the cash...for a SH purchase that is.
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