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Thanks to the Emley crew and Keighley for setting up the course and the time you put in.

As a new ground I think that it has lots of potential and is very suitable, especially now a few teething problems have been realised from the first shoot, and I do agree with the comments made by Peter, but it is definitely a suitable venue for any NEFTA series now we have lost the Thorn Dell ground, which also used to swirl the wind around like keighley does.

I thought that the hidden targets were fine but a few mesh and pipe targets in the hollows of the grassy areas at the bottom of the banking would help make it interesting (sorry Chris). I know you love lottery shots.

Could I suggest that the firing line was made diagonal from the shooting butts to the silly area so that you get a longer shooting line, that also varies all the way along in distance from the banking. Also it would lend itself to a few more targets on the floor while retaining a few on the edge of the trees but making it easier to sort out stoppages and painting. Id keep the high shots near on the banking near the pistol range though. I didnt look at the extra land they talked about but cannot help thinking it might also solve the occasional bigger event parking issues, dependant on access and suitability. None of this is meant to be a criticism and only a few suggestions as how it could be made even better.

I just hope that Keighley are happy for the events to continue, I am sure it will give another dimension to their club and it can only be beneficial to making all forms of shooting sports closer and stronger.

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