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Not bad beginning for Keithley!!
I Shoot crapscy.. but Enjoyed it!!
Dont take me wrong, but I cant dont point some issues which may be important in my opinion..
I think that course was not save enough.. Some of angles between shoting line and shooting directions was to low.. sometimes We had to wait till people on next peg do their shoot before we could start setting us up, otherwise If I lay down, I could accidentally kick next ones barrel.. I mean.. a few targets shooting directions was less than 20 degrees to shooting line..
There is solution.. Nex time, I suggest to move shooting line a little bit further out from banking, so it will give You more space to set far targets without making sharp shooting angles.
Also, You can spread distance between pegs by using whole range distance.. Set The course on entire length of range, and just In the time You do Safety brief.. someone can remove some of zeroing range targets to make space for shooters.. and then, You can use over 50Y for shooting line.

And also.. Could You install somewhere wind switch? Be nice if that bloody ******* stop riding across range when we shooting..

Please.. dont think Im fussy.. just try help.. It was nice, and hard ( for me) course.. and I dont complain about targets.. There was set up superb.. just the horizontal angles worried me a bit..

Im hopeing that i can visit Emley one Sat to practice high targets..?
Cos is no chance to set them up in Ponty Im afraid..
Sorry for my crapscy English..

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