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Hey up

Loads of us on here will understand the health issues limiting our shooting. Good on you for taking part however you can despite those problems.

I don't know the lad that replied to you but I don't suspect he would be saying any gun is too good for you. We see many shooters coming on here and bouncing from one supergun to the next looking for instant improvement. The advise is always the same. No one can buy improvement. That comes with time and effort and listening to advice and improving technique.

The bottom line is it's your money. If you want the best and you can afford it and having it will bring you enjoyment ... no brainer.

The HW100 with the right pellet will do sub 20mm groups at 45 yards and sub 25/30mm at 55 yards. So there is room for improvement on the 30mm at 40m that you mention. That could be barrel cleaning or better pellet selection ... or an improvement on your part.

You said you shoot at targets at up to 50m ( 55 yards ) and you wouldn't waste your time shooting at something as large as 40mm ... but you are getting groups of 14 shots @ 30mm at 40m. So there seems some work to do to get all groups inside 40mm at 50m.

I think there's probably plenty of enjoyment left in the HW with your scope finding the right pellet and polishing technique to squeeze those groups down a tad. You may not see any improvement with a top end target rifle.

If you want the target rifle and can afford it ... just buy it. Maybe look for a second hand option, then if you don't like it you can always move it on for not a great loss.

The top end target rifles provide a couple of things ...

A very small percentage improvement in accuracy which may just give that edge to a top end comp shooter ( say a few extra targets over a season ). So for them it's worth it. I would imagine that's why the lad was suggesting that you don't really need one of those for shooting in your garden when you can compete against yourself with the gun you have.

The chance to own a rifle of prestige, knowing that you own the best, and therefore may achieve the best results if you are one day up to that level. Loads of shooters own these rifles for these reasons. They are the reasons you mention ... and that's fine. Most will never reach the personal ability to get the best out of the rifle but owning them gives them a buzz and if they put off buying one that itch never goes away.

At the opposite end of the scale are the weirdos like myself that like the idea of buying bargain basement stuff and trying to get the best out of it ( knowing in reality that my ability will still struggle to reach the best that kit can offer ). There's that buzz you get from having someone's pants down when they have 2k's extra worth of gear than you do. That's not an issue for you as you are competing against yourself.

Enjoy the shooting whatever you decide. Let us know what you decide on and what results you get.

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