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That's quite an abrasive post for post No 11.

I'm not sure the guy was being elitist. Just asking sensible questions.

What style of shooting are you doing? Are you bench resting at 50m and want to see how accurate you can get the groups? Are you shooting HFT style prone? FT style sitting? Kneeling? Standing?

Buying a 2k top end target rifle may not automatically ensure you will get better accuracy than with your HW100.

The stock will probably be fully adjustable. The trigger may be fully adjustable and able to be set with an excellent release. However if you have found a pellet that goes really well in your HW100 and got the trigger set up well to suit you ... you may not see a great deal of improvement.

If you are bench resting at 50m on a still day then a 40mm kill can be reasonably easy. If there is variable wind it's not. If you are shooting kneeling it's not. If you are shooting all padded up off a bench then are you testing your ability or the rifle/pellet combo?

If you are shooting sitting or kneeling or standing then you'll have to go a long way to match the accuracy of the HW100.

What do you want from another rifle that the HW can't give you? Better fit? Better shot to shot consistency?

What shooting are you doing?
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