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Originally Posted by chrisbaker42 View Post
Having only discovered this forum yesterday I managed to spend an hour or so reading many pages of fascinating information about some of the best target air rifles available before deciding to join. Shortly after joining I was pleased to be enjoying some friendly banter with some very welcoming members and truly felt this was a great place to be.
It didn't last long as my first serious post was met by the elitist snobbery of a senior member who seems to be suggesting that I have no right to be considering the purchase of one of these better rifles. I choose to compete against myself rather than others and therefore can do so in my garden where I endeavour to match or improve upon my previous performance every time I shoot. But in answer to some of the comments made or questions raised, I am a great believer in using the best tools I can afford for whatever task or occupation I am undertaking, I shoot at cardboard targets in a variety of international sizes at distances up to 50m. I would not waste my time or effort shooting at something as large as 40mm and it can be clearly seen from my sig that I already have a gun more than capable of doing so. At no place in any of my posts have I mentioned pellet fussy barrels I was actually referring to posts both here and on other forums about the problems some owners are having with the nickel plating coming off the inside of their barrels leading to several complaints of inaccuracy. There is also a thread about problems with the FWB 800 zero shift and other problems. Reviews of the TM1000 saying accurate to 40 or 50m but becoming far less so after. Now you are adding to that by saying that the Anschutz 9003 also needs sorting.
Hopefully my views of this forum will be going back to those stated in the first paragraph of this post when some genuinely helpful advice is given rather than mild bullying and attempts to belittle a new member.
Hi chris
I think you should re read the above! It is not I believe a thread meant to belittle etc. Land softly my freind!
Re your quest there is some good advise in the above. I started at this just over a year ago and shoot many disciplines - not very well I hasten to add! The ref to 40mm is the target kill size for the longer targets at FT where most of the top end kit is to be found. Indeed as the previous poster states a Walther dominator in its various guises is one of the best. I regret selling mine. Over the last year I have bought and sold a fair few rifles some of the most expensive and some of the least. I too believe in trying the best I can afford! There are very few top end rifles that do not require some sort of "sorting" at FT level indeed very few unmolested rifles are used at the top end. The latest FWB and ANSCHUTZ included.
Most of the air arms target deriatives are excellent in my experience and can be sourced for good money, the pro target (my current favourite), ev2 (maybe sorted by the likes of Mr Ostler) is very competitive and the FTP after a rocky start is settling to be a desirable choice of many and claiming many prizes along the way. Usually with a freefloated barrel and after market "stripper" which is a low cost sorting!
Re the Raw lovely rifles and for Bench rest and HFT is one of the more desirable choices at mid market money. I love mine from an engineering point of view. I assume if you are shooting consistently under 40mm groups at 55yds then you bench rest or shoot prone, potentially sitting. Free standing 55yds under 40mm will see your name in lights very soon 😉
I too started with an HW100, for indoor 20m standing and LSR/turning target - fantastic gun.
Now use a Daystate airwolf (older model) for same. Use an older Anschutz 2002 for my FT. Shooting and Pro target in FWB alutec stock for fun and my other pro target for BR. All sourced for under 1000. I am just re stocking my Raw for a season of BR to see if it improves over my pro target. There are numerous sage advisors on here Tone uses a RAW to great effect for BR and HFT. Holly holds the Anschutz dear, Vinny is current World Champ HFT and loves his FTP.
All will provide help and advice.
As you see from my gallery I have had some nice rifles - but good glass and practice levels the playing field considerably! Hope to see you compete going forward - it really is good fun! Enjoy!
Kind Regards


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