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Having only discovered this forum yesterday I managed to spend an hour or so reading many pages of fascinating information about some of the best target air rifles available before deciding to join. Shortly after joining I was pleased to be enjoying some friendly banter with some very welcoming members and truly felt this was a great place to be.
It didn't last long as my first serious post was met by the elitist snobbery of a senior member who seems to be suggesting that I have no right to be considering the purchase of one of these better rifles. I choose to compete against myself rather than others and therefore can do so in my garden where I endeavour to match or improve upon my previous performance every time I shoot. But in answer to some of the comments made or questions raised, I am a great believer in using the best tools I can afford for whatever task or occupation I am undertaking, I shoot at cardboard targets in a variety of international sizes at distances up to 50m. I would not waste my time or effort shooting at something as large as 40mm and it can be clearly seen from my sig that I already have a gun more than capable of doing so. At no place in any of my posts have I mentioned pellet fussy barrels I was actually referring to posts both here and on other forums about the problems some owners are having with the nickel plating coming off the inside of their barrels leading to several complaints of inaccuracy. There is also a thread about problems with the FWB 800 zero shift and other problems. Reviews of the TM1000 saying accurate to 40 or 50m but becoming far less so after. Now you are adding to that by saying that the Anschutz 9003 also needs sorting.
Hopefully my views of this forum will be going back to those stated in the first paragraph of this post when some genuinely helpful advice is given rather than mild bullying and attempts to belittle a new member.
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