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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
A lady shooter who shall remain nameless told me that she toppled a stander whilst moving her rifle upto the standing position . She caught the trigger with her nipple and the gun went off and the target fell , it was deemed an unsighted shot and given a 0.
I'm sue she will be along shortly to give us the facts.
Should have been a hit, unless it was out of sequence! Unless I have missed something about having to take aim or sighted/unsighted shots??

Just out of interest, day 1 in Germany 2013 worlds I had a 30yrd full size stander, one of the few full size standers on any of the 3 courses. Loaded gun and somehow, still unknown, I accidentally hit the trigger and released the shot! I wasn't even looking at the target never mind had the scope to my eye at the time! MISS, donought, call is what you like, I received a zero on my card.

I had a 48 (red course).... BTW If I had shot the AM session I would have cleared it
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