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Look at my post#318


The fist link of the NSRA *USED* to advertise the LP50

Now its a deadlink :

staying on with NSRA shop - longer advertised...

- What are you guys thinking ? Does the NSRA know something over those other UK shops ?

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and here I was thinking, at last, some heavyweight ammo getting involved at last...

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..or is it a capitulation, Dunkirk all over again ? ie: Some people were already aware of the fate of the LP50 in April , as it pertained to GTA ltd & Home Office meeting that same month ? (coincidental month & article below)

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I hope you guys realise Im just asking questions...and linking stuff up. In any case, perhaps the LP50 has simply sold out...

PS: Someone should call NSRA shop and ask if they still stock the LP50...and if no, will they be placing orders shortly ?

NB: Yes, Ive been told I should have been a Hollywood scriptwiter, in the "conspiracy" gendre..

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