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Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
If you have a titan no 9 the coils tend to be wound eccentrically, these will bind in a standard piston, Its what prompted me to start experimenting with skirtless pistons a while back, I have settled on an ally piston with a bore that easily clears the No 9, you can either drill the piston out to 7/8" which also gives a usefully lighter piston, or use a mk2 spring, these are close to the No 9 spec but you may need a bit of pre load.

Also make sure your latch rod hasn't burred up around the edge that latches, this will bind, I have heard the one you have sourced can have this problem.

Thanks Nick, I'll probably go the Mk2 spring route and replace the metal spring guide with a delryn and delryn washers if needed. Again thanks guys for your interest and inputs.
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