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Originally Posted by skires View Post
... it's not UK authorities ... but other countries that went for the acute angle circus ( as per Germany ). Sneaking in here though? There was a thread ( I think you started it ) about setting testing courses without joke targets. I still think the comment I made re people being able to group under half an inch at 55 yards sitting means on still days the top guys will only miss one or two at most. Not sure that's a challenging days shooting for them when they probably have a 90% plus chance of knocking over the greatest majority of the targets. I've always backed more positionals ... but you mention that and people go blue in the face. Still days in the UK are so rare it's not worth worrying about. Abroad ... is that why they looked to do something different ( or just screw up the Brits chances ) ... but that's all been done to death and you know far more about all that than I do.
Not sure what the reasons are, I can only speculate. I've heard people say that they thought it was done to screw up the Brit's chances, but if that was the case - they got that very wrong - the leaderboard was dominated by Brits in Germany.

I suspect it's as much our fault really.

If you're a new country starting up FT, you'll probably start off by looking at the Rules (either the BFTA or the WFTF rules) and in both of those sets of rules we don't have any sort of guidelines about how a course should be set, we just have max and min distances.

In Germany, those rules were partly ignored too!. They set out far more reduced kill zones than are allowed under the rules (one course had 7 15mm kills on it and the Yellow course had 26 out of the 50 targets with reduced kills). The rules say 20% not over 50%!

I've heard that the reason for that was that the German's wanted to try to come up with a course that better emulated hunting situations (wrongly believing that FT is a hunting simulation). Again, we haven't helped with that either.. it would be nice to come up with a sort of course setting guide (like the UKAHFT guide) for FT, so that new countries have a better idea about how to set a challenging course and aren't left to interpret the max and min distances to come up with their own format.

That was actually the idea behind that post you mentioned that I started.. it was an attempt to get some ideas about course setting guidelines for a document I could put together for the WFTF website.
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