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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I get the idea, confirmed by your post, that the serious comps are sitting only on freestyle lanes.
Yup, pretty much. I did actually shoot a winter league with an SFT rig in the legal FT prone position a few years back for a bit of fun, but everyone that saw me did a double take. It really is that unusual!. When SFT was in the GP series there were one or two people that shot prone though (legal prone).

Some South African's shoot in a very very low sitting position (I think they call it the Happy Dog position)

Originally Posted by skires View Post
Lots of people have coffed up several hundred quid to have one though and made comments that they won't be pleased if they are banned or redundant etc.
hehe - I've got one fitted to my TX now, but I don't use it for sitting shots, I use it to move the hamster out the way for standers :

But I've also found that it's quite handy when you're trying to rangefind from the kneeling position with a front PA scope too.

It might also help in International comps when they decide to set out a Crazy Golf FT course
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