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As always Bri thanks for a quality reply.

I've done the odd decent proper FT comp. I've done years ( since early 90's ) of attending FT clubs and, especially since the start of HFT, there are people of all abilities shooting all sorts of ways.

I get the idea, confirmed by your post, that the serious comps are sitting only on freestyle lanes.

So the prone thing is just not worth the discussion time. I just fancied having a bash at doing it with a sling and proper prone. Maybe for club days.

For me, from what I've read here, the guy shooting with the mono pod should have been off the course and let the proper FT shooters get on with their day. Sorry if he reads this ... but he just wasn't playing the game. If he'd have been doing it properly and within time limits then I can't see a problem re rules ... but if it's so rarely done and it causes upset then maybe it's best removed altogether. Shame because, like I said, there is no proper prone tin chicken option ( you could choose to shoot HFT up on the elbow and butt in shoulder but you can't use a sling ).

Erm the rest ...

My sarcasm in a number of posts I've made about angles and adjustable hamsters ... I've described them as Optimus Prime ( Transformers ) to many other things ... should give the message that I think adding lots of joke targets, like silly angles etc, just tests who has the best adjustable thingy/gadget, and not genuine shooting skill. So I'm 100% with you on trying to stop people shoving loads of targets up trees at short distances etc. Lots of people have coffed up several hundred quid to have one though and made comments that they won't be pleased if they are banned or redundant etc.

PS Just re read your post ... I see ... it's not UK authorities ... but other countries that went for the acute angle circus ( as per Germany ). Sneaking in here though? There was a thread ( I think you started it ) about setting testing courses without joke targets. I still think the comment I made re people being able to group under half an inch at 55 yards sitting means on still days the top guys will only miss one or two at most. Not sure that's a challenging days shooting for them when they probably have a 90% plus chance of knocking over the greatest majority of the targets. I've always backed more positionals ... but you mention that and people go blue in the face. Still days in the UK are so rare it's not worth worrying about. Abroad ... is that why they looked to do something different ( or just screw up the Brits chances ) ... but that's all been done to death and you know far more about all that than I do.

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