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Originally Posted by maxtich View Post
My Shooting buddy rang them last week,and had a very very long discussion about S-A,and it was then he was told !!
I Don't know who he spoke to,but i do know what i am saying is true as i was also present throughout the whole discussion and oh the phone was on speaker mode !!

Originally Posted by maxtich View Post
I heard the discussion with BASC that customs had (GOT HOLD) of an S.A and were infact looking into the workings of the auto system to make a decision on its status!!
Just cleared it up a bit !

Mate, tell them, and your mate to email the video URGENTLY & QUICKLY to:

UK Customs, Home Office, Border Control, Home Office, CPS, Fire Arms Officers, Clubs etc..etc...

and also the rifled barrel pistol equivalent:

or alternatively - they can interview/email Steyr Sports Austria, or UK, to get the exploded diagram PDF

...then your mate, can sign up to STB, and tell us his story, as we'd all like to hear who and what was said (corroborated by you of course).

NB: I feel so grateful to you, that "customs" will be making a decision for all us UK airgunners. FANTASTIC ! there are loads of really sharp people out there looking after the rights & interests of consumers & airgunners. Its a personal honour & priviledge to make your acquaintance. We need more blokes like you on this forum.

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