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Hi Colin, not going to quote your whole post, just address a couple of the questions you raised.

I shot round with Woody and the chap in question, and now normally I've got a pretty good understanding of the rules of FT, but I'll admit, I wasn't sure what the rule about prone was when it comes to the "Open" class which hasn't been with us very long.

I didn't notice his hand position for the first lane (it may very well have been a legal shot, he didn't shoot every lane with his monopod rested on his hand). He double dinked the first lane, which I think was a a 45 yard and a 30 yard lane (I think). Not particularly taxing targets really, so myself and Woody both got the impression that this wasn't going to be any sort of top score going in. When we noticed his position and mentioned it to him, he said he was shooting in Open class and the rule for Open class says "Any position is allowed" (which it does).

So perhaps his club mates were just as unsure about the situation as me and Woody were?

We made the decision to let him carry on, but had to remind him about his muzzle being over the line and to watch out for the logs and rope that was right in front of his muzzle on a number of shots. We also did our best to try to offer some advice about perhaps considering finding a sitting position instead.

A marshal came over after a few lanes to have a chat and warned that if he carried on using that position he might be disqualified. Eventually the Chief Marshal came over to have a chat - I think we'd shot about 10 lanes by this time. The CM had the same discussion me and Woody had about the rules for Open class and although the CM agreed that it was a bit of a grey area, made the decision to DQ the shooter but allow him to continue. (the rules say that if there's anything not completely covered by the rules, it's the CM's decision on the day).

I checked the rules when I got home, and I believe what the Open class rule of "Any position is allowed" means is that any of the defined shooting positions in the definitions is allowed, not just any old position you feel like. So I think the CM's decision was spot on, and the chap was certainly given plenty of chances and a warning before that decision was made.

Regarding the point about FT becoming a Sitting Only sport. Well, I don't know how many FT comps you've been to Col, but it is a sitting only sport in reality. It's extremely rare to see anyone going prone in FT, and because of that most course setters don't bother to check that lanes are clear to shoot from prone (why would they? no one ever shoots prone anyway?)

Regarding the point about extreme angled shots. I don't think anyone considers them to be a 'nightmare' What most people consider them to be is a 'trick' shot that require very little actual shooting skill.

Now I think they can be fun to throw the odd one in on a comp, and yes indeed you could shoot them kneeling if you like. The point is, if you have an adjustable stock and you know your clicks for that range, they're hard to miss. That's ok for the odd shot, but when you start getting over half the course set out like that (as Germany Yellow course) then it doesn't become a break from the norm and a bit of fun, it becomes what the sport is about - fit an adjustable hamster and you're practically guaranteed to knock over half the targets on the course.

I think that's the problem with them, not that people think they're a nightmare, it's more a case of dumbing down the sport and making it more about how adjustable your hamster is instead of how good you are at judging the wind.

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