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Sorry ... just some more waffle on this from an outsider ( well GP outsider ).

In HFT they straight away banned sitting as a stance. They wanted to keep a difference between HFT and FT. The popular stance in HFT is the HFT prone style. Fore hand on peg or the floor and fore end of gun rested on that. Butt of gun can be rested on the floor.

I always thought it was a shame that a more pure prone stance wasn't demanded to test the shooter more, but I understand that HFT wanted to attract youngsters and newcomers to target sports etc. I've commented that the extra stability of that stance and the max of 45 yards has meant kills have had to be reduced greatly to stop too many clears. I think that can lead to issues on windy days.

This is not a HFT thread but I mention that as one could argue that the stability of the FT sitting stance, whilst not as stable as HFT prone, has led to authorities looking for other ways to test the best shooters ... hence acute angles etc.

I quite liked that FT kept it's 'freestyle' more open to different styles and that included prone. I also liked that it demanded a 'proper' more orthodox prone that did allow a sling but had no support forward of the elbow and didn't allow the gun to be rested on the floor. Prone is a well accepted shooting stance and I think it would be a shame if there wasn't an outdoor tin chicken sport that allows it ( maybe encourages it ) in it's orthodox form ( no support forward of elbow etc ).

It seems a shame if it becomes a 'sitting' only freestyle ( obviously kneeling and standing would be allowed ), although from comments in this thread it appears as if it basically is a sitting only freestyle ( in practice ).

I can see that there would be a problem re course setting if people shooting prone demanded that all positions ( freestyle ) should get equal clear paths to the kills. Maybe it could be said that all freestyle lanes will be made clear to accomodate sitting. Proper FT prone could be used at the shooter's discretion but paths to kills may not be clear where it would have made exceptional additional work for the setters. In such cases another position would need to be used.

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