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I'm really quite bemused by all this.

I've asked in the past ( on here I'm sure ) if people shoot prone with a sling in FT as I actually fancied a go at that ( sitting causes issues ). If there was stuff in the way then just use another stance ( kneeling if you don't want to shoot sitting ).

A number of folk commented that you could shoot prone, and could use a sling, but it had to be no support forward of elbow and no rifle contact with the floor. I was told to read the rules which I did and they clearly state what can and can't be done.

So I'm amazed that this guy wasn't just told that that was illegal so stop doing it immediately or leave the course. Allowing him to continue, whilst voiding his card has clearly upset other shooters. If he shoots it legal FT prone and within the time limit then that's not affecting his colleagues. Unless they are concerning themselves that he is doing it differently than everyone else.

The angled stuff ...

It seems Germany opened the door for that and it now seems acceptable that people strap a Star Wars battle droid, a Black and Decker Workmate or Oscar Pistorious's leg on the bottom of the fore end to help with the angle.

It interests me ( slightly ) in a sort of woods for the trees type scenario, that a sport that started with a bunch of guys using basic springers and 3-9 scopes, shooting at probably 45mm kills at a max of 35 yards, developed into using rifles, scopes and a sitting stance capable of doing half inch groups at 55 yards. Many years later a 25mm kill at 45 degrees at 10 yards is considered a nightmare ... because of the contortion needed from that stable sitting stance ( even using the droid ). Using a basic kneeling stance with elbow on knee, and a normal stock, and leaning back slightly, it's quite easy to achieve a stable hold at 45 degrees. A 1 inch kill at 10 yards at that angle would be a gimme in this position, for shooters who can shoot elbow on knee. Yet the thought of having to maybe take another ( non compulsory ) kneeler ( and not another stable sitting shot ... and having to shoot it orthodox kneeling ) causes concern.

When everyone has a droid on the bottom of their guns and the angles have been limited so that the droids mean people can still shoot from their normal, stable, sitting stance ... surely there's no more point in angled shots? So you might as well ban them now whilst lobbing proper FT prone off the agenda.

As Conor implied ... there's nowt I can see in the rules to stop someone shooting in a 'fallen backwards' sitting stance ( a sort of Gay pornstar pose ... lying on side/back with lower leg slightly bent and upper leg high at the knee ... gloved hand rested on high knee. Don't ask how I know about Gay pornstars ... I swear I found that DVD and someone had swapped the cover for The Sound of Music ). That will give you whatever angle you need. Is there something that says you can't have any part of your back or side touching the ground? Good luck implimenting that rule if it's added ... it's difficult to see where most FTer's bottoms end and their backs/sides start.

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