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Default Sympathy

Originally Posted by Woody View Post
It was a frustrating afternoon to say the least, I remember driving away feeling quite drained.

I enjoyed the shoot, tricky conditions, well laid out course. I didnít really shoot to my best - but ho hum thatís FT.

But nearly the whole session was consumed by the topic of this chap shooting the course prone. If it wasnít other people putting their views across, it was the chap talking about being disqualified after he was. (Which I think the chief marshal handled very well.)

You have my sympathy Justin, your a top end shooter all day long and to have to suffer is just not fair. This guy must have had some practise using that position so why has no one at his club said you can't do it like that. Will he be allowed to enter the next GP to spoil another afternoon for a couple of shooters?
I'm not saying he has gone out of his way to be difficult but to think you can use a mono pod to shoot a GP is madness. Maybe it's up to his club to advise him on a few does and don'ts before he enters another shoot. At the end of the day to do well at a Shoot like Millride you have to be 100% focused and I think you did well to score as well as you did.
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