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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I think it was 28 in the end, started off missing quite a few, and oxo'ing for a bit, clawed it back in the woods but had a run of double dinks towards the end. That's from memory, Shaun's got his card though. (This is his 2nd GP of the season btw)

We did our best to offer some advice, but it wasn't met with much enthusiasm sadly.

It does raise a question that I've wondered for a while though - why do we bother to define a Prone Position at all? Having some experience of shooting prone in my HFT years, the BFTA definition of prone is far less stable than a well practiced sitting position, course setters don't set courses to allow shots to be taken prone (far too much grass in the way at Millride GP).

It does beg the question, if our definition puts prone shooters at a significant disadvantage to the freestyle (sitting) position, and course setters don't cater for people shooting prone and if someone does shoot prone it draws a small crowd because it's so unusual, why do we even bother with a definition for it?

It might be interesting to shoot prone using a sling and prone shooting 3p jacket (oh and call a marshal out to every lane that hasn't been cleared for prone as per the rules ).
It was a frustrating afternoon to say the least, I remember driving away feeling quite drained.

I enjoyed the shoot, tricky conditions, well laid out course. I didnít really shoot to my best - but ho hum thatís FT.

But nearly the whole session was consumed by the topic of this chap shooting the course prone. If it wasnít other people putting their views across, it was the chap talking about being disqualified after he was. (Which I think the chief marshal handled very well.)

Prone shooting did not suit the course at GP4 and probably wouldnít at many FT courses. Brian and I would regularly suggest a possible alternative position for taking a particular shot and in addition we would say mind your barrel for line of fire on the logs in front of some of shooting gates.

Although Buddy marshalling and technique correction is the correct way, and I will advise anyone if I think they are using the wrong keeling/standing position etc. I wasnít totally up to speed on the legal prone position in FT Ďopen classí.

I have never experienced a whole course being shot by someone using the prone position.

But for Brian and I to have that much of our focus taken up by someone elseís shooting technique isnít fair on us or any competitor in reality, we paid our entry fee, travelling time and expense for the purpose of our own objectives.

It was good shooting with you Brian, it would appear we have a similar sense of humour.


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