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Regarding the freestyle shots.
BFTA Main Shoot rules:

Definitions of shooting positions:
For lanes that are designated kneeling or standing the shooting positions are defined as:
Kneeling: There shall be only 3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet and 1 knee).See section A for a full
Standing: Any shot taken in a standing position without the aid of any support.
For lanes that are not designated kneeling or standing the shooter may use any shooting position that is safe
and comfortable to the shooter and does not infringe rules 10iii and 10iv.
However, if shooters choose to shoot prone then they must adhere to this definition:
Prone: The shooter lays face down. The gun and forearm, from elbow to fingertips, must be clear of any

artificial or natural support.

So, if you shoot kneeling or standing lanes, you adhere to the rules for that discipline. If you shoot a freestyle lane kneeling or standing, you can do what you want as long as you are safe and conform to 10iii & iv (muzzle over the line & no additional attachments).
However, if you shoot a freestyle lane prone, you must adhere to the prone definition.

Regarding close inclined shots, no target can now be closer than 10 yards, and Shaun's guidance notes to GP course setters recommends that 15mm targets are not set at inclined angles.
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