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little update... gp3 was a bit of a struggle... the rifle still seemed quite hold sensitive and even the knee pad idea didn't stop me missing a 30yd full size kill out the bottom... despite having nailed the 30 odd yard reducer a few lanes before at the end of the course, and it's accompanying 50 odd yarder. That's something I really want to cure... the 97 was never like this.

Trigger tune and adjustable definitely the right way to go, although I'd like more adjustment than the rowan has given me.

Mr Murphy had prepared 'the works' tune in preparation for a car park drop in. The TX is so much easier to work on than the 97. Because time is short i'd just asked him to throw everything at it, save spending time going back and forth. It's dramatic difference. The recoil has gone from something that felt long in duration to something that feels like it's got a lock time shorter than a rimfire. It took a chunk of a tin to settle, but it's around 805 at the moment (depending on which of the 3 chronos i had inline i look at)... so i may take a washer out.
It does feel though like i can actually grip this rifle, rather than tickling it like a trout... and i'm getting pretty respectable groups at 55... but i've been here before so i need to ensure it works on a course with varying positions.

Custom stocks are due to deliver today/tomorrow, so we're hoping that's a major part of the puzzle in place. Then it's going to be a case of making it all fit, and getting it shooting.

I do need to work out how to get a spirit level on, as using the lower sportsmatch mounts has meant the sportsmatch screw in bubble doesn't fit because the low mounts use a smaller hex bolt size. Zero is still being held though.
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