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Dont quote me on this but a fellow club member has been having issues on a similar rifle , he packed the action out gainst the stock and the issue with poi went away , you wouldve thought that the scope and actionwould all move as one and youd never notice , its all magic and mirrors .
Early 900s appeared to have zero shift issues due to stock tolerances , thats why some came with a shim that fitted between the trigger, breech area , mine had this shim and it bugged me as the area at the breech stock area had a unsightly gap,
I removed it and enlarged the holes that the side screws fit in by a mm or so , this made everything fit together lovely
I only ever got zero shift when I didnt clean the barrel or used different pellets , a batch of 453, s went low and right for some reason , dont ask me how , the testing was done at an indoor range.
Right ,as for the rubber rings on the carbon shroud ,yes it does connect the barrel to the shroud but not to the 8 band as its been removed to free float, check to see if youve got a bit of clearance at the shoulders of the 8 band and stock , you really should have otherwise any slght temp or misalingments gonna shift the barrel.
Ive fitted the shroud for easy fitment , low mtce and looks , not about harmonics which it may still help , not realy qualified in that area,still , it defo seemed to extend the flat part of the trajectory curve and more importantly lost some front end weight, it murdered my wrists practicing positionals ,
You can get the carbon on line at laptopconnections , if its out of stock they get in in quick , get the 3k weave as it looks better, 1 metre was about 25 quid I think
As for the plinking bforehand , cant comment , ive put some pants scores in recently by taking notice on plinking ranges after knowing that its spot on indoors , last Mad sunday everyone was shooting low and left , maybe its the heat haze driting about god knows .
If youve got access to an indoor range use it and dont doubt your kit

FTP900 MTC connect,Welhamanium internals -sorted
HFT500, ACZ stock MTC connect
TX200 Mk3 CS1000 stock, hawke vantage sf , Nick G internals
Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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