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Default Might be useful to know


Vinny, as you might recall I have a newish ftp900 which generally shoots very well. However I didn't have such a great time with it last Sunday, I seemed to be finding wind even when I couldn't see any grass or leaf movement.

A quick test last night showed that I was shooting about 7mm to the right and very slightly up. Now it could easily have been ok on the Sunday and I was just rubbish that day, it happens. But maybe I should have checked a bit more on the pre comp plink? Another lesson learned.

But are you saying that there needs to be clearance between the stock and the cylinder as this can cause the POI to move?

Also I might want to go down the route of taking off the current barrel shrouds and float the barrel. If I do can I ask two questions,

1, Doesn't fitting the 'O' rings then connect the new carbon shroud to the barrel again?

2. Where would be the best place to get a carbon shroud/tube IYO?


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