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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Do we have all the data from when the series actually started Bri?

I was looking at what ISSF do and I know I can make something better looking than that, they have a lot of records displayed but they don't explain them, you reckon they're copying us (joke)
Yup - still waiting on GP1's physical scorecards to come back, but I have about 60% of the scorecard details from GP1. All of GP2 cards have been entered and I've got GP3 cards in my car waiting to be entered (probably tonight).

So... by the end of the season, I'll have all the scorecards stored in a database for the 2015 GP Series.

That's something I intend to carry on with (it's not much work and the data is going to be very useful).

What I don't have is details of the targets themselves. So I don't have the ranges but I can find out which targets were standers/kneelers (some shooters are kind enough to put a K and S on their scorecards for those targets.)

I don't see that as being something that's going to be possible for Regional shoots, but for GP's it's not only possible, I'm doing it at the moment

For an example... this is James Osborne's virtual scorecard from GP2

The sort of stats we could produce from that would be... details about targets (click a link to see who hit and missed target 5 etc) Details about standers/kneelers etc.. anything you can think of really, get your thinking cap on!

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