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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
Check the gun at different power levels to see what shoots best.
In my experience, running the gun just over 11ftlbs (around 800fps with 7.9s) makes it shoot a lot smoother than having it near the limit.
And there is less chance of it drifting over, say on a hot day.
When I used to use 7.9 Premiers that's all I had mine set to. It was always a smoother reaction compared to 815-820fps. Also the accuracy was better, not sure why but the groups were on average about 40% tighter at the lower speed.

Even my current 8.4s JSB pellets run at 770fps it gives a nice smooth response. Gives me plenty of space for themperature changes, last year the chrono readings and mine (using the cb625) where only a few fps different at 4 of the events.
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