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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
That's all good, I'm with you on that.

My beef is with using the grading list or even the grading list data as a starting point for your statistics and focusing on grades and grade movements as a metric to be reported on.

I've started compiling complete scorecards in a database for this season's GP series and hopefully going forward I'll have all of them.

Instead of focusing on something that is causing confusion in Rob's car - focus on what metrics would be useful and whether we can extract that information from the information I've started to collect and whether we need more information perhaps from regional shoots etc.
I think we are talking a cross purposes on some of this Bri, I'm still interested the movement data and keeping/publishing data - we don't do enough of it and it will make a nice record of the sport. Talking of records, are there any world records in FT? Most wins, highest scores etc etc. If not, why not and should I get my shovel and dig Roy Castle up?

I can go with match metrics, I'd also do one for the course, someone who isn't shooting it measures and logs each target/type, cross match that with the score card data and you've got the makings of a good couple of pages and probably enough to spin a few news stories which coupled with pictures would all be good for the big picture of the sport.
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