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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I was just asking if we kept the info I'm really interested in doing something on the visual side of things and exploring ways to present ideas and data, things like this:

At the heart of my beef, I guess I don't want us to look and present like a WMC Bowling Team
That's all good, I'm with you on that.

My beef is with using the grading list or even the grading list data as a starting point for your statistics and focusing on grades and grade movements as a metric to be reported on.

I've started compiling complete scorecards in a database for this season's GP series and hopefully going forward I'll have all of them.

Instead of focusing on something that is causing confusion in Rob's car - focus on what metrics would be useful and whether we can extract that information from the information I've started to collect and whether we need more information perhaps from regional shoots etc.
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