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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Mart, I think all that's trying to be said is grading is grading... it needs to suit the purposes of that system as a number 1 priority. It's there to show a shooter what grade they are in at this time, and that's it.

Now if we're talking about collecting all the stats to do with FT and processing them to answer various questions that sounds interesting, but it needs to be a different system. I'll give you a stat to play with, 66.6% of people in my car at the weekend were uncertain to some degree as to what grade 33.3% of the people in my car were in. 33.3% of the people in my car had been shooting less than the other 66.6% but 100% had been shooting the same amount of time. 50% of that 100% knew the correct answer, 50% were unsure.

That's why when you have a grading list, there should be one to refer to only, not 2 as there now is, and it should just tell you your grade, nothing else. Because anything else adds confusion. If we want pretty progress graphs and data flying around the screen we could call that the stats page, and that would hopefully differentiate between the two.

I was just asking if we kept the info I'm really interested in doing something on the visual side of things and exploring ways to present ideas and data, things like this:

At the heart of my beef, I guess I don't want us to look and present like a WMC Bowling Team
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