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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Bri, and I'll keep explaining that this is nothing to do with me or my scores, stop using that to close down any discussion.

Every time someone steps up this gets throw in their face, it's really starting to **** me off. I'm not looking for an excuse, I know what I'm shooting off and what I'm not doing. My love of stats and design does NOT replace my love of practicing either, I can do more than one thing in a working week and I'm working my bollocks off to get better behind the gun.

My whole point on this is: 30yrs and still using a spreadsheet to present to the world, things have moved on, let's not get left behind.
I never said anything about your scores did I ?
What I said and continue to keep on saying is...


So why does that have relevance to your question?

Well... You asked Simon whether he kept track of movements in the list people going up and people going down. And that question does suggest to me that you still think of the grading list as a league table. Together with your comment about other sports and your links to league table presentation.
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