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Some food for thought on those links for potential display options, thanks.

I know I keep telling you this, and you keep ignoring it, but the root of your problems in terms of accuracy yada yada yada, stems from the fact that you still think that the grading list is some sort of league table. It really really isn't you know.

It was never intended to be a league table - if you attempt to use it as a league table then there are major issues with the whole thing, which I'm not going to go into on a thread, but I think you've spotted some already.

As soon as you realise and accept what the grading list is and how it was intended to be used - everything becomes really simple.

I don't know of another sport that uses a grading list - Golf perhaps with it's handicap system?

But all of those links you listed are links to how Performance League tables might be presented, the grading list is a more like a horoscope than a league table.
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